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Welcome to Seraphim Creations, where you can find beautiful and unusual astrology and zodiac gifts, tinkets, gift wrap and gift cards, and home decor accents from celebrated California artist Krysti Carrelli. These colorful and unique products are made from original, award-winning art pieces and all products are printed and assembled by hand.

All products on this site are exclusive to Seraphim Creations. You won't find them anywhere else.

Each piece of original art was designed carefully and all symbols, colors and text have meaning; each element of the design is filled with symbolism pertinent to the sign it represents. Nothing was selected or designed by chance or whim.

Zodiac and astrological shoulderbags
Zodiac and astrological jewelry heart pins
Zodiac and astrological coffee mugs
Zodiac and astrological magnets
Zodiac and astrological keepsake and jewelry boxes (wooden)
Zodiac and astrological keepsake and jewelry boxes (laquered wood)
Zodiac and astrological cigar box hexagon purses
Zodiac and astrological candle sconces
Zodiac and astrological glass night lights
Zodiac and astrological wall mirror
Zodiac and astrological glass clock
Zodiac and astrologicl giftwrap or wrapping paper
Zodiac and astrological gift cards
Zodiac and astrological gift tags
Zodiac and astrological wall key hooks
Zodiac and astrological coat rack

Whether you're a fire sign, an earth sign an air sign or water sign, Scorpions, Arians, Sagittarians, Capricorns, Taureans, Geminis, Virgos, Librans, Pisceans, Aquarians, Leos and Cancerians will find something beautiful to gift as gifts or a special gift for themselves.

Enjoy your visit to Seraphim. If you have any questions, please contact us.
For wholesale inquiries, please contact us or call (818) 706-3627. 


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